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  1. Machinery
    Do you lube the chains on your baler and you do oil or chain lube?
  2. Machinery
    this will be my first post/question but I have been reading forums on here for awhile. looking for advice on the new 2020 Vermeer 604 pro G3 balers when compared to the new holland roll belt 460. I have run nothing but NH on my farm but was impressed by the Vermeer Machine at the farm show. I...
  3. Alfalfa/Hay
    We don't sell any hay and all of the hay we put up is used on property. We've been using a 3x3 CIH 8575 and it is a fantastic baler. The problem is I need to use it at another site that is 50 miles away and don't really want to transport it back and forth. So, my solution is buy a couple round...
  4. Machinery
    NH Roll-Belt 560 with premium laced belt option...as best I can tell the belts have exceeded my expectations from a durability perspective, but the lace shot craps in one belt and when I went to replace that belt I found the new belt was 4-5" longer than the other belts! I've asked around a...
  5. Machinery
    After years of square baling and no field help, it is time to start round baling. I and most of my neighbors no little if anything about round balers. I have sort of focused on the NH Roll-Belt 450, which my local dealer believes he will have two 2013 bare-bones for about $17,000. I sort of...
1-5 of 5 Results