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round bale
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  1. Machinery
    Does anyone have any experience with Farm King's 3pt silage wrapper? How does it compare to Diamond and other wrappers in the $4-6k range? We plan on only wrapping a couple of hundred bales, 400 at most if we wrap the dry hay. Thanks
  2. Machinery
    I recently purchased a used 2007 Krone Vario Pack 1500 round baler and I am having a few issues getting started with it. I've attempted making 3 dry hay bales with it so far and when the bale chamber gets about 30% full, the tailgate opens slightly and the alarm sounds. I've tried closing the...
  3. Machinery
    Does anyone have experience with different kinds of hay hikers or round baler movers that pick up the round bales with an arm and put them in rows when you unload the bales? I have a Pro-Ag hay hiker that hauls 14 bales and love it but it has hauled LOTS of bales and having problems keeping it...
  4. Machinery
    First time using our new to us BR740 round baler in rotary combined wheat straw. Can't seem to make a nice bale with it. Running about 5mph with density set about 1700psi set to make a 4'x5' bale. The core isn't right in the centre of the bale, it is always off to one side. Also the bale isn't...
  5. Alfalfa/Hay
    I am thinking about buying a new round baler specifically designed for round bale silage with the cutter options. I have heard that the horsepower requirements are 25% greater than conventional baling and speed of baling is reduced up to 50%. I am planning to bales several hundred bales of...
  6. SANY1660

  7. Custom Harvesting
    Hey just curious, what does it cost everyone to roll up a bale? Hay? Cornstalks? now what do you charge per bale?
  8. Alfalfa/Hay
    Has anyone here ever baled hemp straw before? This was my first go at it, it was combined last fall, just clipped the heads off. I baled 300 acres of it yesterday. The straw was swathed the other day with a 35' MacDon swather. I went in and baled it with my 568 Deere. Interesting crop for...
  9. Machinery
    Has anyone seen/heard of one of these? http://feeder-leader.com/product/the-boss/ it's a 3 point linkage bale feeder. My cousin has one and swears by it to feed out round Alfalfa bales which I also need to do.. You can buy them pretty cheap direct rather than through a dealer. Any thoughts? Cheers
  10. Alfalfa/Hay
    I've been going non stop this week and I figured I'd share some pictures. I liked this pic: New tifton feild that's trying to come on. Nice coastal patch I did for my neighbor today. Some pretty coastal I baled up for a horse man yesterday.
1-10 of 10 Results