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  1. Machinery
    I’m trying to decide which rotary rake would fit better with my equipment I’m getting. MF 1376 cutter 10ft cut with 73-42 inch windrow baling with a MF 1840 inline. the 2 rotary rake options best for me and my fields would be between a 11’6 or a 14’7 working width *baling straight alfalfa...
  2. Machinery
    Curious if anyone has had any experience with one of these rakes. Pros/Cons? My entire fleet of equipment is Vermeer due to dealer support and being well built. I currently am running a Vermeer R23 bar rake. This rake is amazing, though it just doesn't work the best for my odd shaped fields. I...
  3. Machinery
    Agrozenit rotary rake has been specially designed for raking on even grounds with difficult borders . Situated in hilly or areas and Ideal for Small and Medium farms. http://www.agrozenit.com/Rotary-Rake-...
  4. Machinery
    Please share your idea Which is more useful for farmers ? Rotary Rake 2 Wheel 9 Arm Rotary Rake 2 Wheel 11 Arm Rotary Rake 4 Wheel 9 Arm Rotary Rake 4 Wheel 11 Arm
  5. Agri-Business
    Agrozenit offers a wide range of hay equipment such as : Farm Equipment-Rotary Rake 2 Wheel 9 Arm Farm Equipment-Rotary Rake 2 Wheel 11 Arm Farm Equipment-Rotary Rake 4 Wheel 9 Arm Farm Equipment-Rotary Rake 4 Wheel 11 Arm
  6. Machinery
    I bale a lot of baleage and have a v rake that doesn't work very well in heavy material. I was wondering what everyone else was using and why? I am thinking of trading my v rake for a 9 or 12 ft merger. Or would a rotary rake work better?
  7. Machinery
    I have been looking to upgrade to a rotary rake. I roll typically less than 200 4x4 bales a year. Can anyone provide a review of Morra or Tecostar small rotary rakes. The size, transport and price all seem good. I'm just not sure if either one of these will hold up or not. I know for the...
  8. Machinery
    Looking at for a new rake, what do you guys prefer wheel or rotary? It will be ran in corn stalks mostly, and some hay. ALso do those plastic rings on wheel rakes work? ***Side note; most fields won't have chopped stalks thanks
  9. Machinery
    I am thinking of getting a rotary. I like the quality of the Krone. I will probably have to go used ... New is 30+. Down here if rain in the spring is good two windrows would do great. Last year we would have put 4 together. We tried a wheel rake and it did do good on small plots. Anybody use...
1-9 of 9 Results