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  1. Machinery
    Greetings! Last hay season I had a lot of trouble with my IH1590 swather/mower clogging up during cutting. Hay is 70/30 OG/Alfalfa and very tall again this year. I am working on the 1590 trying to figure out if it's possible to operate it with the rollers separated in order to let the hay just...
  2. Machinery
    Need advice from the Experts: I live on the High Plains of Texas with hay crops of bermuda, alfalfa, hay grazer, milo stalks, corn stalks, prairie grass, sudan, and a few others. Most of my experience has been with rubber or steel conditioners. My question is;" In which crops would the flail...
  3. Machinery
    Hi, Ist post; lurker for a while. I've got a Hesston PT7 moco. The cable for adjusting the tension on the conditioning rollers is broken (not crimped; not a few broken threads; totally broken in two). I can't figure out how to access the cable to replace it. The operators manual is no help...
1-3 of 3 Results