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  1. Machinery
    Anybody been here? I have a 4 rotor JD752. The shaft (center drive) broke right behind the left drive yoke. I have the shaft on order but it looks like I have to totally take it apart. #8 is the shaft in question. I cannot find a tech manual.
  2. Machinery
    The rolling rack on my NH 1037 just started to refuse to move to the front of the third table after a load is stacked and the third table is returned to its normal position. I can find no solution to this problem in the troubleshooting portion of the manual. The load rack would not always...
  3. Machinery
    Hello, I have a New Holland 273 baler, and I want to ask how to fix the chains up. One chain is so stretched that it touches itself out in the middle, it's at the adjuster limit so what to do? Is it OK to just remove a few links, maybe three? And then return the adjuster back a little...
1-3 of 3 Results