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  1. Machinery
    Just setting up my new rake. The manual leaves a little to be desired. What would be a good starting point for tine to ground measurement? Thanks in advance. P.S. Raking Coastal Bermuda Hay on uneven ground.
  2. Machinery
    Looking at getting into a nice side delivery rake. What was/is a good make and model of rake? Is a 3pt model best? pull-type? or dolly wheel? looking at spend $1-1500. Thanks in advance.
  3. Machinery
    Curious if anyone has had any experience with one of these rakes. Pros/Cons? My entire fleet of equipment is Vermeer due to dealer support and being well built. I currently am running a Vermeer R23 bar rake. This rake is amazing, though it just doesn't work the best for my odd shaped fields. I...
  4. Alfalfa/Hay
    I started haying our own field last year. I've only done it half a dozen times. About 3 acres. One of my questions I always forget to ask between cuttings is what is the best way to pattern the raking, to get it ready for baling? I currently rake two rows together, and it works fine. The day I...
  5. Machinery
    this is a 10 wheel fold out rake was trying to see if anybody could identify brand model was looking at rake but it had no markings.
  6. Machinery
    I bale a lot of baleage and have a v rake that doesn't work very well in heavy material. I was wondering what everyone else was using and why? I am thinking of trading my v rake for a 9 or 12 ft merger. Or would a rotary rake work better?
  7. Machinery
    I will be cash cropping 60 acres of alfalfa for baleage this coming summer. The question I have is, will I be able to cut all 60 acres in one day, and be able to bale it the next? I can lay the hay as wide as the discbine to dry it fast. I also have a wheel rake, will that be able to rake...
  8. Machinery
    Looking at for a new rake, what do you guys prefer wheel or rotary? It will be ran in corn stalks mostly, and some hay. ALso do those plastic rings on wheel rakes work? ***Side note; most fields won't have chopped stalks thanks
  9. Machinery
    Local dealer has a 14 wheel H&S HC used. They are asking $9000. It looks like it is in good shape and rubber looks originial with little wear. I have a JD700 roll bar and I am tired of manually getting off and folding and unfolding. I am not a big fan of wheel rakes but am willing to succumb...
  10. Machinery
    I am thinking of getting a rotary. I like the quality of the Krone. I will probably have to go used ... New is 30+. Down here if rain in the spring is good two windrows would do great. Last year we would have put 4 together. We tried a wheel rake and it did do good on small plots. Anybody use...
  11. Machinery
    If you had a choice on which brand of equipment which one type of baler, mower, rake, and tedder could your operation not be without? for Dry hay? and wet hay? BUD
  12. Machinery
    Just got back from Krone's Hay Days. It was well worth the trip. Wish I had deep pockets and I would have brought home a big square bales that bales 9 small squares in a big square, a rotary rake and a much better built tedder than the one I have.The demoed their round baler that netwaps ...
  13. Machinery
    Hello all, I am nineteen years old and have inherited my family farm. I am just starting out, with next to NO money, and am wanting everyone's opinion. I currently own a MF 135 with a continental Z-145 engine with 2000 hrs. on it. I have enough information and field time to be dangerous when...
  14. Machinery
    Just for fun, here is a link to the Krone Wallpapers for you computer if you like to have machinery as a background. I add them to my mix of personal pics and favorite machinery for a rotating screensaver as well. http://www.krone-northamerica.com/english/parts-service/krone-wallpaper/
  15. Machinery
    Ok the old M&W rake has more welds than I can count, and teeth are coming out of it faster than I can put new ones in, and now one has broke off and stuck in my rear tire of tractor, so maybe its about time, you think? Been looking at the Kuhn Speed rakes over the past year or so, like the high...
1-15 of 15 Results