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  1. Tractor Talk
    Hey all, I have a JohnDeere 4430 with an 8 speed power shift. I bought it last year and everything was fine. I use it on my TMR mixer so it’s not working too hard. One day I noticed the engine was starting to labour when in 1st and 2nd speed fwd and rev. When I select one of those gears the...
  2. Machinery
    I just purchased a Krone Fortuna 1600 with just under 3k bales. Prior to baling I went through the baler with the manual beside me and ensured everything was according to spec (which it appeared to be). When baling everything works fine, but after it finishes wrapping it leaves approximately 5”...
  3. Machinery
    working on nh 1431 disc bine, left hand drive belt goes loose and flops around on drive side of belt(tensioner side stays tight, right hand belt is good. Acts like the cutter bar is driving the belt instead of belt driving the cutter bar. any thoughts? Saw a similar post from 2008 with no reply's.
  4. Machinery
    I have bought a Krone 130S round baler but it is not sending signals from the control box to the sensors when plugged into my tractor. Does the control box have to be re-programmed or is there any solution to this? Any help would be greatly appreciated Paddy
1-4 of 4 Results