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  1. Machinery
    So I just bought a new NH roll belt 450 utility. First of all the pick ups aren't even close to wide enough. I'm leaving a row every time. Second how do I stop it from plugging constantly. First year baling in 23/24 years so learning all over again. Bales 144 bales in the last two days.
  2. Machinery
    Can anyone provide information/pointers on replacing cam track bearings on a Vermeer XL baler. I have the 554XL with wide pickup. I attempted to inspect as I have sporadic bale start problems if don't start into row slowly/clutch. 1) Vermeer said "if you can move the pickup back and forth a...
  3. Machinery
    My father-in-law has had a NH275 for many years and has worked without issue until this week. The chain that goes between the sprocket on the plunger slip clutch and the sprocket for the pickup broke. We replaced it with a new chain and after 15 bales it broke also. After a repair to the...
  4. Machinery
    Okay everyone, I am new to posting on forums and the like. I have a small hobby farm that I make my own hay from about 50 acres. Its just my wife, my two kids (too small to help) and myself. I am looking for an easier way to pick up the square bales out of the field without spending a ton of...
1-4 of 4 Results