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  1. Machinery
    Hello everyone, I was wonder does anyone have a 09 Vermeer 504 m classic parts manual thank you.
  2. Machinery
    I am looking for some help finding parts for a Niemeyer RS 500 Rotary rake. Help if you can. Thanks
  3. Machinery
    Could anyone please point me to a Kongskilde JF Stoll GCS disk mower parts dealer? I can find a number of Kongskilde dealers, but have had no luck finding one that has availability of parts for JF Stoll disk mowers. My local New Holland dealer got them for me in the past because CNH Machinery...
  4. Machinery
    Anyone know where to get parts (beyond teeth, etc) for a John Deere no. 8 sickle bar mower? I need the two-pronged part that joins the pitman arm to the "gear box." Failing that, guess I'll have my welder repair mine--cast iron, but he's pretty good...
  5. Machinery
    Hello everyone, I have an old NH 315 Baler and during my last cutting, i broke the needles and it also broke the yolk. "Lucky me..." :( I'm looking all over to find a new yolk for my baler, the needles are easy to find, but the yolk....not so much. Does anyone know where i could get one...
  6. Machinery
    I am looking for parts for my IH McCormick No. 5 Side Delivery Rake in particular the essentric crank and inner ring, the ring and bearings. I believe the original part number is 455176 and 455481, can anyone help me locate these parts, thank you.
  7. Agri-Business
    I hope you don't mind if I use you as a customer advisory panel. As some of you know, I am a small equipment dealer in central PA. It looks like the new equipment sales will be a little slow this winter so I am thinking of new sales opportunities. Do you think there is a need for a parts app...
  8. Old Time Farm Practices & Suggestions
    I need those 5/8" round curved rods that go down and around both sides of the basket. Does anyone know where I can find them? I'm in Luck, Wisconsin
  9. Machinery
    Anybody have any idea if there is a place to get slip clutch parts for a John Deere 709 mower other than Deere? The local chain of dealerships doesn't seem to want to bother with the small guy, based on their prices. I'm looking for the frictions and the steel plates. This is a pull type mower...
  10. Machinery
    Hey everyone. I'm a new member. I have a New Idea 571W square baler. I used it this year and only had one small issue. One wire isn't tight. It is tied good and the bale is straight. Any idea on how to get the wire tighter? Also, I would like to hear from anyone that has used one. Not much on...
  11. Machinery
    If you wouldn't mind, could you respond either to this post or just take the poll online? http://www.progressiveforage.com/news/poll (Located on right side of page...scroll down a bit) You guys are a great resource and I appreciate your help. Lynn
  12. Machinery
    Have a friend looking for sickle parts on a Hesston 110 swather. Any ideas? Checked Shoup, unless I missed it they have none. Also open to salvage yards. Thanks guys.
1-12 of 12 Results