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  1. The HayTalk Learning Center
    Good evening folks, Newbie here... ???? We run a hay operation that has numerous farms with a few fields each and keeping good records with several employees is an ongoing struggle. By records I'm thinking of dates of fertilizer applications, hay cuttings, tonnage per field, being able to trace...
  2. General Ranching
    We have all seen the millions of ads and articles floating around the web space for buying local, shopping the neighborhood framers market, and supporting local businesses. I guess this post would follow in that fashion, but with maybe more of a justification rather than sales pitch. I...
  3. General Ranching
    So as we travelled through the Michigan countryside last week, we saw so many old farms and historic buildings. I really enjoy seeing the rich architecture in these small towns. From the old Main street buildings to the town halls, the rich cultural impressions from Europe are evidenced all...
  4. Soil and Amendments
    Good morning all! I wanted to share our plan for how we wish to maintain our soils at the ranch for our gardening purposes, and see if you had any feedcback. We are new to this, and have read much, but nothing beats real world experience. We are going to be doing 15 1 acre pastures that we will...
1-4 of 4 Results