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  1. Machinery
    I got my eye on a used Kuhn FC3160TCD disc mower/conditioner at a local dealer. The Kuhn is a 2014 model. I currently run a NH7320 (side pull) but would love to upgrade to a center pull like the Kuhn I found. But I have no experience with Kuhn equipment. For those who have run Kuhn...
  2. Machinery
    I have a NH 7740 SLE 16 x 16 transmission. It won't move. PTO works, three point works. Put it in gear and it will lurch like it wants to move, but doesn't. Checked all the wiring. Checked C1-C4. Throws no codes, except when I tried to recalibrate clutch. Then I get a U28. Maximum...
  3. Machinery
    anyone know if the follower roll on a br730 is rubber coated. my recollection is when i got it is the middle section had rubber on it. the dealer is looking at me like i am crazy. don't want to order a part i dont need. thanks all
  4. Machinery
    I just purchased a BR7090 baler. I made 90 bales flawlessly to start the season, then had the net wrap get caught in the PTO shaft, between the clutch and the gear box... after spending about an hour or more cutting that off and cleaning that up, I tightened the brake on the net wrap. I made...
  5. Machinery
    I can't seem to find this information for my NH 488 haybine The head drops to the ground even when in transport mode. I goes up okay when I use the hydraulic cylinder. What holds the head up? What should I be looking at to see if it is broken or damaged?
  6. Machinery
    Hello, Im having trouble with a New Holland 1032 Bale wagon I bought at an auction. The hydraulics are driven by the PTO and it has in-cab controls. I have 14x18 bales at 46" long, 85 lbs each. My problem is with the 1st table tripping. When I have 2 bales on the 1st table they are supposed...
  7. Machinery
    Hello everyone, I have an old NH 315 Baler and during my last cutting, i broke the needles and it also broke the yolk. "Lucky me..." :( I'm looking all over to find a new yolk for my baler, the needles are easy to find, but the yolk....not so much. Does anyone know where i could get one...
  8. Tractor Talk
    Please help. I have a 2016 New Holland T4.65 powerstar with the 12x12 shuttle transmission. Does anyone else have problems selecting a range or heaven forbid you try to put it in park. It can be very difficult getting it out of range 1. When going into any range it sometimes takes slowly...
  9. Machinery
    I bale several thousand bale of straw a year and I am currently looking to add another baler. I run a 540 CIH right now which is the same as the NH 575. I love the capacity of this baler but isn't the most consistent baler I've seen. Also looking into the maneuverability of the inline as I have...
  10. Machinery
    I found an old post from 2011 from a man in Gowanda referencing that he had a NH model 55 hay rake. Would like to find him again to see if he would sell, I need a gear box. WANTED: Gear box for Model 55 NH Hay Rake. (585) 721-7034., in NY if possible.
1-10 of 10 Results