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  1. Machinery
    My FIL is considering buying a 664 New Holland baler (he has a 'thing/love' for this model) that he has found, however-it does not have a bale command installed. He does have a bale command currently equipped for his New Holland 688 baler. Does anyone know if he can transfer it and have it...
  2. Machinery
    All, I have been reading everything I can, mainly posts by mike10 about netwrap issues. I just can't find the solution. We cannot get the baler to engage the netwrap process. We have baled over 100 bales with no issues and then out of nowhere it will not wrap. Prior to this we would get an...
  3. Machinery
    I bought a New Holland 311 Baler last year with a Model 70 thrower with electric controls. However, the electric thrower control motor had been replaced with a car window motor that no longer worked. I made it through last summer by adjusting the speed by hand and throttling up and down...
  4. Machinery
    Hey guys, I am putting the baler into storage for winter and noticed that my needle latch cable running from the needle latch lever to to the side of the needle arm slacks when the needles rise into the chamber. It tightens back up when the needles retract. Looked on the cable and it shows old...
  5. Machinery
    I am moving onto a farm. I will be taking care of the place for the owner. The previous tenant did not clean out the baler before he put it away. It is a New Holland 550. There was 2 full bales in it plus another 1/3 of a bale. I cannot figure out how to get the other 3rd bale out, so that I may...
  6. Machinery
    Does anyone know if the knotter for a 575 NH baler also works with a 311? Even better, what are all the models that the 575 knotters are compatible with?
1-6 of 6 Results