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  1. Machinery
    The mower bed doesn't lift fully on the left side. The mower has two hyd cylinders, 2 1/4" dia. on the right and 2 1/2 " on the left. The left side won't fully retract, even when I disconnect it from the mower and manually try to get it retracted. With both disconnected, the cylinders extend...
  2. Machinery
    Can anyone give me the specs for the hydraulic cylinder for a JD No. 8 mower?
  3. Machinery
    Could anyone please point me to a Kongskilde JF Stoll GCS disk mower parts dealer? I can find a number of Kongskilde dealers, but have had no luck finding one that has availability of parts for JF Stoll disk mowers. My local New Holland dealer got them for me in the past because CNH Machinery...
  4. Machinery
    In the market for upgrading a mower. Currently run a 9' case. Looking at the hesston 1383 - 13' hydroswing vs the krone 4013cv easycut - 13' hydroswing. If you have an opinion, please provide it. Thanks!
  5. Machinery
    Greetings! Last hay season I had a lot of trouble with my IH1590 swather/mower clogging up during cutting. Hay is 70/30 OG/Alfalfa and very tall again this year. I am working on the 1590 trying to figure out if it's possible to operate it with the rollers separated in order to let the hay just...
  6. Machinery
    What do you guys think about a New Holland H7460 Discbine thanks
  7. Machinery
    Hi new to the forums I'm thinking of buying my first discbine, and looking at a used New Holland H7460 does anyone have any expierience with them, any problems with them I need to know about before buying one.
  8. Machinery
    If you had a choice on which brand of equipment which one type of baler, mower, rake, and tedder could your operation not be without? for Dry hay? and wet hay? BUD
1-8 of 8 Results