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  1. Tractor Talk
    Hello! We have an Agco 7434 baler that we have been running with a GTA monitor. This year, we are playing with the idea of hooking it to one of our newer Case tractors, both of which have Pro 700 screens. The baler has an ISOBUS harness that fits the ISO harness on both tractors. For the sake of...
  2. Machinery
    I have a vermeer 605K baler with an vermeer equal-fill/ autotie monitor. The the open gate symbol keeps popping up, hit the lever and soon it pops up again, but the gate is shut. how do i fix that?
  3. Machinery
    So was recently in the market for an upgrade to a net round baler. Found one in good condition at a local dealer a 1999 RS561, went to buy it and found out that the monitor was missing and no one can come up with it... Would really like to purchase the baler, but cant seem to find a monitor for...
  4. Machinery
    We just purchased an 605 Super J Vermeer Baler in excellent condition, it has a Equilfill/Autotie monitor, which was broken. I took it to dealer today to have repaired and was loaned a monitor until they could repair it. we have no book on the monitor. We set on Auto Tie and it does trip and...
1-4 of 4 Results