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  1. Machinery
    My winter project is going over my MF1839 baler thoroughly. The baler was new to me 3 seasons ago. From what I could tell when I looked at it on the dealer's lot in 2018, it looked to be pretty low bale count. I have put 25-30k bales through it in 3 seasons. My guess is probably only 50-75k...
  2. Machinery
    Need to remove a link from the chain that drives the knotter on my MF1839 small square baler. If I remember right, if you take the link out of the slack (non-drive) side of the chain, it does not affect knotter/plunger timing. Looking for a second set of knowledgeable eyes to keep me from...
  3. Machinery
    We're wanting to add a baler this year, especially for our timothy. Jeff has wanted to try an inline and I've been researching everything I can find. Not a lot of them run around here so getting first hand experience recommendations is tough. Here are the models that I've been looking at...
1-3 of 3 Results