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  1. Tractor Talk
    Hi there! Is anyone familiar with a massey ferguson 1100? I have a Massey Ferguson 1100 that we use to bale hay with. I've baled about 5,000 bales with it so far this season. I typically bale in low range 2nd gear. Most of the fields have been flat with small hills. I am now moving onto the...
  2. Machinery
    Goodevening everyone, This winter I'm planning on working with a machine shop to manufacture and install a reverser on our MF 2250 for backing out plugs. I've had to pull plugged hay out of the feeder a few too many times to enjoy it anymore :). What I'm wondering is, would anyone be interested...
  3. Machinery
    I need some help guys .I just got a 1744 Massey Ferguson baler from a guy to try out and make a offer on It was sitting out for a few years It only has 1600 bales or so on it Everything seams to work so far I just cant figure out how the string attaches itself to the bale and how it is cut off...
  4. Tractor Talk
    To start with, I'm new to the forum and secondly I'm not a farmer. That alone may exempt me from the forum! :mellow: I do own a ranch in south Texas which requires the use of a tractor for a lot of shredding, minor dirt work, and moving large feeders and other heavy objects from time to time...
  5. Machinery
    Looks like AGCO have finally updated the cutter on their large square balers: http://blog.agcocorp.com/2015/09/new-procut-option-launched-for-2200-series-large-square-balers/?utm_content=&utm_campaign=AGCO+Blog&utm_source=16109&utm_medium=Facebook%3A+AGCO I think the old design spanned back to...
  6. Machinery
    Wondering if anyone has run the new massey wr9870. Planning on updating the older machine in January, already have 9770, just curious what main differences there are including the GPS unit.
  7. Tractor Talk
    Here's little Youtube video I just posted, look at nice Massey Ferguson tractors sold on farm auction Saturday (July 27, 2013) in north-central Ohio....including a MF 2705 for $12K: Pete www.machinerypete.com
  8. Tractor Talk
    I just posted a new Youtube video, highlights from Dows, IA farm retirement auction I covered today featuring (2) nice MF tractors...a 1998 MF 8160 MFWD with 2855 hours and a 1982 MF 4800 4WD bareback with 6420 hours....both sold for new record high auction sale prices. Here's the video: Pete...
1-8 of 8 Results