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  1. General Ranching
    Here is a link to a West Virginia resources to build your own "Vet Black-Bag" for your livestock emergencies http://www.wvu.edu/~agexten/pubnwsltr/TRIM/10631.pdf Special Thanks to Sam Barringer, DVM WVU Extension Service - Veterinary Sciences Specialist
  2. General Ranching
    A friend of mine that is an environmental engineer forwarded this article to me about "Fracking" impacts on a ranch in North Dakota. Also speaks to problems across the nation. Anybody seeing this is areas where fracking is taking place? We do not have it where I live so I have no first hand...
  3. Cattle Discussion
    Here is a link to a University of Illinois article on using drought damaged corn to feed your livestock. http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/print.php?id=1675
  4. General Ranching
    Does anyone have information in a study on feeding in a building versus feeding in the open. Cattle, sheep, goats, any livestock. I more interested in Cattle for myself, but curious in all others. Will there be a better rate of gain feeding in a building? What are pro and cons do you folks see...
  5. The HayTalk Learning Center
    Here is a great video on using the Purdue Grazing Stick. Dr Johnson from Purdue gives the training. I have one of these sticks and use it in my rotational grazing program. Keep in it in the truck; The Video.... The grazing stick can be purchased from Purdue at...
1-5 of 5 Results