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  1. Alfalfa/Hay
    I am looking to lease pasture for hay production & grazing cattle on, my operaitons is growing where i can no longer sustane it on owned land and need to expand, I am in South Central Texas, i have a couple of properties lined up for lease but i need to get a lease agreement put together, does...
  2. Alfalfa/Hay
    First post! Thanks for the resource. We want to expand our cattle herd and reduce the summer contract grazing we do. We have some cash on hand for this. We could buy/lease more pasture for grazing and start cutting our irrigated meadows. I don't like this idea because of our short growing...
  3. General Ag News/Discussion
    I am looking for a agricultural field to lease for hunting priviledges. I would be interested in any property with deer, elk, ducks, or geese. I am a law abiding citizen that just moved here from out of state. I am looking for a propety withing a couple hours of the greater Denver area. PM me...
1-3 of 3 Results