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  1. Machinery
    So I recently bought a used JD 275 disc cutter. My question is putting on new blades and rotating old ones. The new blades I got from JD have a cutter on both sides, so when I rotate the blade do I flip it over or does it move to a turtle going in the oppisite direction. Looks like the cutting...
  2. Tractor Talk
    So I know this is a popular topic that has been discussed many times, but I a trying to help my dad purchase a second tractor to complement and maybe ultimately replace our current John Deere 4240. To start we are not full time farmer/ranchers, but have cattle/hay work we do on weekends and my...
  3. Machinery
    What round bale size?What round bale size does everyone bale with 4 by 52438.71% 4 by 6812.90%5 by 546.45%5 by 61930.65%4 by 4711.29%
  4. Tractor Talk
    Alright, here's my situation. I'm looking into getting a good new or low hour 4WD tractor for pulling a 4x5/5x5 round baler. I've looked at some JD 5100 series at a dealer and they look good/feel good to me. Looking to be baling about 150-160 acres of Bermuda hay. Land is a bit hilly, not much...
1-4 of 4 Results