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  1. Machinery
    Yep, another new record high auction sale price today on the 1990 JD 4455 2WD with 2393 hours sold on Walker, IA farm auction. Here's Youtube video I just posted...it also shows the 1990 JD 4255 2WD with 2317 hours selling: Pete www.machinerypete.com
  2. Machinery
    1990 JD 4455 2WD with 4630 hours & duals on Feb. 15, 2013 farm auction in central Iowa...will it make $50K?? Pete www.machinerypete.com
  3. Tractor Talk
    Just posted Youtube video of the 1991 JD 4455 2WD tractor with 3,600 hours selling on the November 10, 2012 farm auction near Worthington, IA last Saturday: Pete www.machinerypete.com
  4. Machinery
    Interesting online farm machinery auction tomorrow (June 7th) in Bloomer, WI by www.hansenandyoung.com They've got a 1987 JD 4455 MFWD tractor with 3,500 hours on this sale. Here's a video preview I just posted, look at the JD 4455, Ave. Auction Prices on JD 4455's going back 10 years...plus...
1-4 of 4 Results