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  1. Tractor Talk
    Hey guys! Long time no post! My computer was down so i couldnt post. Anyways, i still have the 806 and its still for sale. But, I bought a 986! its a really tight tractor so i hope to hold onto it for sometime. i was wondering what you guys thought. 4082 hours, new clutch, tight as tight can be...
  2. Tractor Talk
    Hey guys! im new to this form and im wondering how much i may be able to get out of my 806. Its a nice tractor and the torque is good. Has brand new Alliance 18.4r34s and has 2 hyds, 2 ptos, and 3pt. Any one interested and or thinks of what i should be able to get out of it will be greatly...
1-2 of 2 Results