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  1. Machinery
    Does anyone have any insight in a Case IH MDX91 disc mower? I am looking at one but want to get some reviews. It's 9 ft.
  2. Machinery
    I have an International 420 Square Baler and need the feeder teeth that feed the hay into the plunger. Does anybody know where to get them used or rebuilt? Thanks
  3. the day she left

    the day our 1466 left. Probably one of the worst days of my life. but i loved seeing all red.
  4. The neighbors beast

    Our neighbors beast he has. So awesome and fun to drive. They just retired and we get first dibs :)
  5. back when we first got them

    Well here is our old 1466 and 986. Both were dads. i miss the 14 everyday as it has been my favorite ih we have owned
  6. Tractor Talk
    I might look into buying a 3288 IH. I have heard good and bad but have never driven one or known anyone to have had one. Anyone got opinions or experience with these 88 series tractors? Thanks I would just like to know in case I want to buy this one I found.
  7. Tractor Talk
    Hey guys! Long time no post! My computer was down so i couldnt post. Anyways, i still have the 806 and its still for sale. But, I bought a 986! its a really tight tractor so i hope to hold onto it for sometime. i was wondering what you guys thought. 4082 hours, new clutch, tight as tight can be...
  8. Tractor Talk
    Hey guys! im new to this form and im wondering how much i may be able to get out of my 806. Its a nice tractor and the torque is good. Has brand new Alliance 18.4r34s and has 2 hyds, 2 ptos, and 3pt. Any one interested and or thinks of what i should be able to get out of it will be greatly...
  9. 006

1-9 of 9 Results