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  1. Hay & Straw For Sale
    Dear Fellow Alfalfa lovers, my name is Antonio Cruz my email is [email protected] Please reach out if interested in purchasing top quality Alfalfa for animal feed (horsefeeding) from Peru, Saouth America. Bales of 40KG Grounded Alfalfa sacks 40KG Pellets Sacks 40KG
  2. Making Hay while the sun shines

    Making hay while the sun shines - so true!
  3. Full Moon over the field

    What a great night to be out in the field!
  4. Making Square bales

    The romantic sound of the baler is heard during hay seasons for days - lovingly making these bales for the horses that devour it!
  5. Time to stack 'em!

    Best to have them stacked and covered before any moisture hits them...we make sure this is a quick process and have great success keeping them dry!
  6. Making some rounds.

    In between making our Mini hay bales and our Small Square bales we do get in a few Round bales.
  7. Some hay at the stacks

    Just some of our Small Squares put up at the stack for pickup.
  8. Making Mini Hay bales

    We are the proud owners of a Mini Hay baler from Messicks. Our Model 310 New Holland baler is the only one of it's kind in Southern Alberta that is actively making MINI BALES!! Please checkout our Facebook page EZ Bales ~ your EZ Source for MINI & Small Square bales for more pictures and details.
  9. Chit Chat/Intros
    My husband and I run a Haying operation in Southern Alberta (Canada) where we have clients who contact us then come and pick up our hay bales at a mutually agreed upon time - yet there is a number of clients who arrive late or don't show up at all. We do find this very rude, as I ask them to let...
1-10 of 10 Results