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  1. Machinery
    I'm trying to replace the reel teeth on a John Deere 896 swather header. I have the reel bar disassembled from the reel and am at the point where the operator manual says to pull the sections of the reel bar apart. Any help would be appreciated. I've tried heating and twisting with a pipe...
  2. Machinery
    I bought a JD 2270 pretty cheap, knowing the header would not raise or lower. What might be the problem? I loosened one of the hoses on the controller and the header fell the rest of the way down to the ground. So, it was holding, it just won't move. Hydraulic fluid was pretty low when I...
  3. Machinery
    I need some help. We have an 8400 Hesston swather and are having problems with the header. It is not lowering consistently. When it doesn't lower if you drive the machine around for awhile a lot of times it will cause it to start working. We have replaced the switch in the cab, checked the...
1-3 of 3 Results