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  1. Machinery
    I'm looking for the hose and or fittings to charge the bale density on a NH640 baler. Appreciate any help.
  2. Machinery
    I have a 24t baler works great. Just got done baling a field. Went to clean it out, usually I start the PTO and then manually trip it to make a bale out of the last remaining hay in the chute so I can pull it out. Without thinking I tripped it before I turned the pto on didn't think it was a...
  3. Machinery
    Hello everyone, I was wonder does anyone have a 09 Vermeer 504 m classic parts manual thank you.
  4. Alfalfa/Hay
    Hey y’all! Happy New year! My husband is active duty and we are pcsing back to the states from Okinawa to beautiful Maryland! We have found a property on the Eastern shore that we really love! I have a horse and we do plan on getting a one or two more along with chickens and a couple cows. The...
  5. Farm Trucks & Trailers
    How many small square bales of hay can fit into a 15 foot U-Haul truck? Need to get hay, but my truck is down with 3 broken springs, and bad weather coming, local U-Haul location just down the road, thinking this would be the best way to do it…
  6. Machinery
    Ok so of coarse I was racing the clock this afternoon. First bale went good, went to open up to release the second bale and the tailgate will not open more than 2”. Book says to adjust linkage but doesn’t say what linkage. I’ve seen some post that say they manually opened or pryed open some dogs...
  7. Alfalfa/Hay
    I am looking for a supplier of low-starch hay in Missouri. I am in Raymore but will travel. Based on the horse's test results, my veterinarian has recommended no more than 10% combined starch (NSC). I am willing to buy a supply for 6-12 months for one horse. Trying to avoid hay soaking. I am not...
  8. Alfalfa/Hay
    Does anyone feed straight Timothy to their horses or cattle? Most people in my area use a heavy mix of timothy (20%) and alfalfa (80%). Just wondering how your livestock take to just timothy hay? Any thoughts/comments are greatly appreciated.
  9. Alfalfa/Hay
    Throwing around the idea of getting a Baler, Planning on planting roughly 10 acres of alfalfa/grass mixture and wanting information opinions on what type of baler would be the best for my operation. I'm wanting to grass feed some cattle for market and I'm wanting to make the the most out of my...
  10. Market Talk
    Anyone seeing sluggish hay sales, particularly in the small squares market? We are located in west central Illinois and comparing with last year at this time, our sales are down 70%. Our main market is small squares and most of our customers are horsey folk. We should have had a few semi loads...
  11. Machinery
    Does anyone know anything about, or have any experience with, a Long 680 small square hay baler?
  12. Machinery
    Does anyone have any insight in a Case IH MDX91 disc mower? I am looking at one but want to get some reviews. It's 9 ft.
  13. Alfalfa/Hay
    Yes, me again. Last year I posted an article (including comments from some of you) regarding how the 2018 hay season had gone. It was one of our most-read articles for the year (Progressive Forage). Mind if I ask you a couple questions about this hay season, to use in another article? Let me...
  14. Alfalfa/Hay
    Hey folks, I recently heard a producer say his lower lignin alfalfa wouldn't crimp but went through the rollers like a wet noodle. He was having a hard time drying it for baling. Anybody else seeing that? Is this a one-off thing (rollers not adjusted right?) or more common? Lynn
  15. Alfalfa/Hay
    I started haying our own field last year. I've only done it half a dozen times. About 3 acres. One of my questions I always forget to ask between cuttings is what is the best way to pattern the raking, to get it ready for baling? I currently rake two rows together, and it works fine. The day I...
  16. Machinery
    Hey, everyone. Hubby and I are retired USAF and have been farming now for 8 years. We have 100 acres- 40 of it in grass hay which we feed our animals, and sell some if we have extra. Over the last couple of years our manpower pool has dwindled -- no one wants to sling square bales anymore. So, a...
  17. Machinery
    Posted not to long ago about baler not working. Found out it was a module terminatir that I needed. Baler is working now but will not auto tie. Anybody know how to troubleshoot that. I can manually tie it but will not auto tie. Also, net wrap is wrapping around feed roller in the net wrap box at...
  18. Barns, Buildings, and Storage
    Hey guys, I've heard that asphalt would be the better choice when used in a hay barn as opposed to gravel or concrete. Does anyone here have asphalt in their barn? I was quoted a "base asphalt #57 mixture" and a "surface pavement mix" -- both are way cheaper than concrete -- not entirely sure...
  19. Machinery
    I am looking for a round baler. Have found a couple or JD 430 locally. I am just getting started and this is all I can afford. So what do people think. Good baler or not so good. What should I look for when looking at the 2 used balers I am going to see? Are parts still avaliable? Easy to run...
  20. The HayTalk Learning Center
    I have bought a pz sweegers 360 tedding machine and I was wondering where I can find a operators manual. I saw several place on the web that say they have a pdf but unable to load them. I want to know how to properly operate it.
1-20 of 153 Results