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  1. Barns, Buildings, and Storage
    Hi - first-time poster here. Does anyone in FL have a barn or extra space to store hay? I am looking for a facility/barn in FL to store my hay and have it loaded and unloaded from trucks. My current yard has no more capacity. I would pay for storage and labor for loading and unloading as...
  2. Barns, Buildings, and Storage
    We just added a fully enclosed hay storage area onto our barn. The new area has a concrete floor and we're trying to determine the best barrier to use between the hay and the concrete. We live in the high desert of southwest Colorado which is a very dry climate for most of the year. We've...
  3. Alfalfa/Hay
    Of course detail is helpful, but even just a sentence or two is fine. What's your system?
  4. Barns, Buildings, and Storage
    I am looking a good way to keep moisture off the bottom row of hay. We are currently using pallets and they work good but Is time consuming. Has anyone tried or know of anyone that has tried putting down a vapor barrier, like some thick plastic wrap or a woven mat down then putting gravel over...
  5. Alfalfa/Hay
    Got another question for the experts out there. Back round information: NE Ohio, small square bales broken up to feed horses inside their stalls. Over the years no matter what we have tried to keep our hay healthy during the winter and spring. We have tried visquine under the bottom row...
1-5 of 5 Results