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  1. Machinery
    Where can I find parts for a WR 1008 hay rake? Cannot find them anywhere. TIA
  2. Machinery
    Hay Rake wheel 7 mm tine and yellow colour attached to the flanged type rake
  3. Machinery
    We received hay rake 4 wheel and rotary rake photos from our customer in Spain We would like to share it with you Thank you for these good photos and awaiting furthers. Agrozenit Farm Equipment
  4. Machinery
    Please share your idea Which is more useful for farmers ? Rotary Rake 2 Wheel 9 Arm Rotary Rake 2 Wheel 11 Arm Rotary Rake 4 Wheel 9 Arm Rotary Rake 4 Wheel 11 Arm
  5. Machinery
    Can any one identify the make / model of this rake? I purchased it recently and there is no tags or other ID on it. The guy I got it from bought it used also and dosn't know the make Etc. I've attached pictures from several angles, hope it helps. Thanks
  6. Machinery
    I need some advice ,I am just starting to cut hay for myself . I have just bought a KUHN drum mower and a MF224 baler so my budget is shot , I need a rake , Last year i used a friends old side delivery rake works fine ,A neighbour is offering a wheel rake . What are your thoughts ? Should I...
  7. Machinery
    Does anyone know if the four wheel hay rake from agri supply is any good or at least good for the price? Its $635.95 Or what brand could i look for that would be in that price range? Starting out and starting small, thanks for any advice.
  8. Machinery
    Just released this rake and we wonder whether you like it or not ?
  9. Machinery
    I found an old post from 2011 from a man in Gowanda referencing that he had a NH model 55 hay rake. Would like to find him again to see if he would sell, I need a gear box. WANTED: Gear box for Model 55 NH Hay Rake. (585) 721-7034., in NY if possible.
  10. Machinery
    I am lookingh to buy another rake and need some advice. I was using a pair of JD 660s pulled in tandem and thought I needed a wheel rake and sold them. Know I have a KM 10 wheel rake. I feel the wheel rake is leaving to much hay. I have been told that a high cap rake is a great rake ( JD...
  11. The HayTalk Learning Center
    We are borrowing our local farmer's JD hay rake, which is very old and is wheel driven windrower. The other neighbor just cut our hay which is VERY tall and quite mature (our hay beine couldn't even get through it). We could not get our outside double row of hay dry. It seems the more we...
  12. Machinery
    Local dealer has a 14 wheel H&S HC used. They are asking $9000. It looks like it is in good shape and rubber looks originial with little wear. I have a JD700 roll bar and I am tired of manually getting off and folding and unfolding. I am not a big fan of wheel rakes but am willing to succumb...
1-12 of 12 Results