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  1. Alfalfa/Hay
    Im brand new to this site, and I really appreciate all the wisdom you guys offer here. This is my first post, I’m wanting to start baling round bales of hay here in Georgia, my son is a fireman and I’m an over the road trucker and wanting to do what I always wanted to bale hay. My son has some...
  2. Alfalfa/Hay
    If anyone is looking for a way to market their hay and reach our network of 10's of thousands of hay buyers across the US & Canada checkout www.HayMap.com You can use the simple version online or the Hay Map iPhone app from the Apple app store here: https://www.AppStore.com/HayMap If you have...
  3. Market Talk
    Hey guys- We've launched the HayMap app and it is in the US Apple App store now (Canada & Australia April 2016)... Android Version Coming soon March-April 2016. Using your iPhone or Android device (Coming Soon) you are able to locate hay for sale near you and view details such as photos...
  4. The HayTalk Learning Center
    ALOHA or Hello, Just a new farmer, and don't know how much to sell the Hay. I bought a farm upstate New York, and I have over 40 acres of Hay, how much do you think I will be able to get from this? if the buyer cuts it, bail it and take away? Mahalo/Thank you
1-4 of 4 Results