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  1. Machinery
    I recently bought a hay baler for cheap. It's quite old and all the plates with production info have fallen off or have been removed and the paint has been re-done so the pain scheme is no indicator to the manufacturer. I have a online gallery here: and I hope this is enough for someone to help...
  2. Machinery
    Hey everbody, I am looking at getting into cutting hay this year and have a few questions about the balers. I have been around hay operations my whole life, but never actually baled any. Ive found a good deal on a John Deere 430 baler and was wondering what to look at on on the baler that...
  3. Machinery
    Hi, I am looking for a indutrial stationary large square baler that can do double compress. the size of the large square can be 3x4x8 or 4x4x8. it will be mainly used for exporting. the intention is to have Hay farmers bring the hay to my location and then create the large squares and ship...
  4. Machinery
    Just came across a JD 375 on a trade and was just curious who uses 5X4 bales and what you think of them?
  5. Machinery
    Time is running out to get a seat at the famous Maize Corporation Baler School. This school is highly touted by those in commercial hay production, export production, custom harvesting, and their own farm operation. Learn about knotters, baler preventive maintenance, and trouble shooting. No...
1-5 of 5 Results