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  1. Alfalfa/Hay
    My wife and I bought some land a couple years ago and have since been letting our neighbor do our hay on shares. We are to a point where we need more hay than our share so we are getting geared up to do our own hay. Our hay land is approximately 110 acres in Northern Alberta Canada. Currently we...
  2. Machinery
    Hello again. I know this maybe a lost cause and some of you may think I am delirious for wanting to do this. however, I am looking for a mesh wrap kit for either a Hesston 560 or a Hesston 565A. I could make one off of a 565 A work but one off of a 560 would be better. I know Agco used to make a...
  3. Machinery
    Disc Mower 4 Disc : working width : 1600 mm Disc Mower 5 Disc : working width : 2100 mm Disc Mower 6 Disc : working width : 2450 mm http://agrozenit.com/Agrozenit-Farm-Equipment-1-en.html
  4. Machinery
    Agrozenit rotary rake has been specially designed for raking on even grounds with difficult borders . Situated in hilly or areas and Ideal for Small and Medium farms. http://www.agrozenit.com/Rotary-Rake-...
1-4 of 4 Results