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  1. Wanted
    We are looking for all sizes of square bales from 2string up to 3x4x8 big square and everything in between. We have a Steffen hay slicer that we cut the big bales down into smalls. We are located at sulphur springs, tx. Prices will depend on quality, & quantity. alfalfa, orchard grass, and...
  2. close Up grass Mix 5 24 17

    Close-up of grass (mostly alfalfa and orchard grass in this field). 1st cutting. A long ways to go to complete 1st cutting of our fields--over 360 acres of grass mix.
  3. Machinery
    Are you tired of rained on hay? Do you need to get your forage out of the sun or out of the bad weather earlier? Are your sunny windows just too short to produce the quality hay you would like to produce and which the market requires? Do you need TOP quality dry hay because you are a hay grower...
  4. Alfalfa/Hay
    Hi, so I'm looking at a piece of land that had sub irrigation/drainage. The depth of the pipe ranges from 3' at one end and goes down to 6' at the other. It has timothy planted at the moment but I know that the roots don't go down far enough for it to do anything for the crop. I'm going to drill...
  5. Alfalfa/Hay
    There seems to be a "swing" in the industry towards grass/alfalfa mixed stands. Is your decision for either pure alfalfa or pure grass or alfalfa/grass mix based on agronomy factors or on nutritional needs for the animals? Just trying to figure it out.
  6. Alfalfa/Hay
    Hey guys, I'm in need of some advice, hopefully you all can shed some light and assist. I've looked around on the internet and haven't really found the information I'm looking for. I'm located in Western Kentucky (for reference on what would grow and produce well). I'm looking to start a...
  7. Machinery
    Hi All, I have been a long time lurker here but this is my first post. I produce grass hay (tifton 85 and jiggs) in Brazil and am looking for quicker ways to get stem moisture down. Where im from i can manage to bale normally during the third day sometimes the fourth. Mostly because of stem...
  8. Machinery
    Has anyone seen/heard of one of these? http://feeder-leader.com/product/the-boss/ it's a 3 point linkage bale feeder. My cousin has one and swears by it to feed out round Alfalfa bales which I also need to do.. You can buy them pretty cheap direct rather than through a dealer. Any thoughts? Cheers
  9. Alfalfa/Hay
    i have a horse pasture in southwest iowa that i am going to start haying. right now it's mixed horse pasture with brome, orchard, timothy, and rye....... wanting to overseed with orchard grass, but also wanting to apply pendimethalin (pendulum 3.3) to rid the field of foxtail and other annual...
  10. Alfalfa/Hay
    I've been going non stop this week and I figured I'd share some pictures. I liked this pic: New tifton feild that's trying to come on. Nice coastal patch I did for my neighbor today. Some pretty coastal I baled up for a horse man yesterday.
  11. Soil and Amendments
    Good morning all! I wanted to share our plan for how we wish to maintain our soils at the ranch for our gardening purposes, and see if you had any feedcback. We are new to this, and have read much, but nothing beats real world experience. We are going to be doing 15 1 acre pastures that we will...
  12. Alfalfa/Hay
    I'm in south Louisiana. Just looking for opinions on these two for hay production only. We will not graze this hay field. We will be making both round bales and small square bales.
  13. Weed and Pest Management
    what is the best thing to kill bahai grass in a coastal bermuda field
1-13 of 13 Results