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  1. Machinery
    We are an operation That does about 12k bales a year, 4K of which we do for custom baling. For our custom jobs we just bring our tractor and baler (2013 NH) and they supply the racks we stack right behind the baler. We will hopefully have 10k or so bales of our own this year to handle, so we...
  2. Machinery
    New to the forum but have been lurking for quite some time. I've been looking at building a 10 bale grapple. I have pretty much got the design developed except for one area. I am having trouble figuring out how the square tubing (which the grapples bolt to) connect to the center rail and the...
  3. Machinery
    I just bought a almost new hay master 8 bale grapple for $1500(pretty good deal I thought beings that finding a used grapple is very hard). I have a 10 bale hoelscher accumulator I bought a month ago. I figure that since the hay master accumulator sets bales with the strings down and the...
  4. Machinery
    MAXILATOR HAY EQUIPMENT RELEASES MEGA GRAPPLE FOR LARGE SQUARE ACCUMILATION IN THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA The Maxilator Mega Grapple is unique in that it will pick up a variety of sizes of Large Square Bales 3' X 3' X 8', 3' X 4' X 8' and 4' X 4' X 8'. Another unique feature is that it can...
1-4 of 4 Results