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  1. Goat & Sheep Discussion
    Hey everyone! I'm looking to start getting some goats on my plot of land. A lot of my friends and people in town have told me to get an electric fence of some sort, which I agree with... I have a friend who works at ElectroBraid and can possibly give me a good discount on their products. The...
  2. Cattle Discussion
    This is just another reason I do not live in California. You can't fix STUPID. http://www.dtnprogressivefarmer.com/dtnag/common/link.do?symbolicName=/free/news/template1&paneContentId=5&paneParentId=70104&product=/ag/news/topstories&vendorReference=cdc37f49-a12b-4710-8d92-f41326abfc58
  3. General Ranching
    In Indiana, raw milk will likely become an issue at the Indiana Statehouse...the folks at Indiana Prairie Farmer even gave a bonus prediction it would be the biggest item... To help folks gain a better unstanding of the issue, I have links to an article and Purdue FAQ on the issue... Excerpt...
  4. Goat & Sheep Discussion
    Goats (General) http://msucares.com/livestock/smallruminant/commongoatdiseases.pdf http://www.extension.purdue.edu/extmedia/AS/AS-595-commonDiseases.pdf http://www2.luresext.edu/goats/library/field/herd_health99.htm http://www2.luresext.edu/goats/training/parasites.html#abom CAE Specific...
  5. Goat & Sheep Discussion
    Question sent to me via e-mail...any pygmy goat folks out there that can chime in? Thanks... I am going this coming up weekend to buy 2 female pygmys at an auction. The fence and shelter is already ready. I just need advice how what I need to go ahead and buy for when I bring them home. I have...
  6. Goat & Sheep Discussion
    If you are a goat producer, we highly recommend you take the Langston University Web-based Training and Certification Program for Meat Goat Producers. It costs only a small $25 donation to a goat association, the list is on the site. Very in-depth. Also, if you can, the Langston University Goat...
1-7 of 7 Results