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  1. Tractor Talk
    I have a 5320 Deere with a turbo charged engine. Nearly all of my work is loader type work. If I drop rpms the tractor is a dog until rpms come up. I understand turbo lag, but I'm thinking that fuel isn't really plentifull during acceleration. I wouldn't ask anybody to stray away from EPA rules...
  2. Machinery
    I've got a M7040 with 1600 hours on it and it started running rough. I thought maybe there was water in the fuel so I drained the water separator, put in a new screen filter as well, put on a new fuel filter, and drained the fuel tank just for good measure. Went back out to the field this...
  3. Machinery
    I have a friend and his JD6310 starts right up. Yesterday it didn't. Started then died. Cranked and cranked and finally started. He got it started but while spraying his pasture he said it would occassionally speed up 100rpm's. He said he only changed the fuel filter once and that was around 500...
  4. Machinery
    Having problems with my Kubota M8540 loseing rpm's every now and then. I have changed and rechanged the fuel filters. Any other suggestions on this problem. I have also drained the tank 3 times and have blown out all the hoses the only time it occurs is at higher rpm's and when the tractor is...
1-4 of 4 Results