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  1. Machinery
    Are you tired of rained on hay? Do you need to get your forage out of the sun or out of the bad weather earlier? Are your sunny windows just too short to produce the quality hay you would like to produce and which the market requires? Do you need TOP quality dry hay because you are a hay grower...
  2. Alfalfa/Hay
    New Video! AgriCompact Technologies GmbH: Company Presentation We are looking forward to setting up YOUR hay bale drying project! Have a good Hay!:-) Sabine Zastrow Your AgriCompact haydryers Team AgriCompact Technologies GmbH we deliver hay bale drying solutions.always.also in north...
  3. Machinery
    Has anyone seen/heard of one of these? http://feeder-leader.com/product/the-boss/ it's a 3 point linkage bale feeder. My cousin has one and swears by it to feed out round Alfalfa bales which I also need to do.. You can buy them pretty cheap direct rather than through a dealer. Any thoughts? Cheers
  4. General Ranching
    Article with some advice to assist in getting through feed crunch. http://farmprogress.com/beef-producer-story-nl93_23nl-hay-feeding-cost-substantially-reduced-10-62054
  5. Cattle Discussion
    Here is a link to a University of Illinois article on using drought damaged corn to feed your livestock. http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/print.php?id=1675
  6. General Ranching
    For your reference libraries.... Beef Magazine Feed Comp Tables Feed Composition Tables
1-6 of 6 Results