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  1. Alfalfa/Hay
    Hey there fellow hay talkers, I hope that you guys could help me out by giving me some of your own opinions, and any help/advice would be awesome. So here is the thing, my mom recently inherited a 1/4 section of farm land after the passing of my grandpa. Also ever since I was little helping my...
  2. Agri-Business
    I'd like to hear about it, if you do. Pros? Cons? Lynn
  3. Machinery
    Hey everyone! Unfortunately I have to hire quite a few young guys to help stack bales. I know this is a BIG risk but for now its the only way I can do it. I do my absolute best to explain to my guys every possible danger that I know of. The problem is I have been around this equipment my whole...
  4. Agri-Business
    Generally, when a dairy farm started with 100 heifers according to the normal conditions following the end of the 2nd year the herd circulation is expected to begin. The most important two factors here milk and cemen efectiveness. CLOSED AND OPEN AREAS: Barns According to the calculation that...
1-4 of 4 Results