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  1. Machinery
    Posted a Youtube video with few highlights of nice farm retirement auction I covered yesterday in SW Iowa (Lenox, IA). 2010 JD 9630 4WD tractor with just 17 hours...Ford 7610 FWA tractor with 1654 hours (new record high price)....and a sweet 1988 Ford F250 XLT 4x4 pickup with only 47,819 miles...
  2. Machinery
    Just posted Youtube video, story of an Iowa man who met his future wife at a machinery consignment auction in Coggon, IA: ...any Hay Talk members know of any couples 1st meeting at an auction?? Pete www.machinerypete.com
  3. Tractor Talk
    I just posted a Youtube video...rare 1971 JD 4000 diesel, power shift tractor with 5562 hours sold yesterday on Independence, Iowa farm retirement auction....quite an early Christmas present for the buyer! Here's the video: Pete www.machinerypete.com
  4. Machinery
    Very low hour, 1 owner, JD tractors sold on farm estate auction yesterday in Genoa, IL. I covered the sale, more new record high auction sale prices on the 2000 JD 8310 & 2000 JD 8110, nearly a record on the 2000 CaseIH 2366 combine....oh, and also a 1981 JD 4440 with 2980 hours....fun day at...
  5. Tractor Talk
    Wow, super nice farm auction today in LeRoy, MN...cold day, but fun to see such nicely cared for used equipment. Numerous new record high auction sale prices today. Here's Youtube video highlights I just posted: Pete www.machinerypete.com
  6. Tractor Talk
    Here's video of the 1998 CaseIH 8930 tractor with 2,990 hours selling for new record sale price of $84,500 on Nov. 10, 2012 farm retirement auction in northwest Iowa: Happy Thanksgiving everyone in HayTalk! Pete www.machinerypete.com
  7. Tractor Talk
    Just posted Youtube video of the 1991 JD 4455 2WD tractor with 3,600 hours selling on the November 10, 2012 farm auction near Worthington, IA last Saturday: Pete www.machinerypete.com
  8. Tractor Talk
    Nice 1993 CaseIH 695 FWA tractor with cab, 3830 hours & 2250 loader sold for $17,500 on northeast Iowa farm sale Saturday (Oct. 27, 2012). I highlight this tractor in new Youtube video posted today looking at RISING values on good condition used tractors < 100 HP: Pete www.machinerypete.com
  9. Machinery
    A new Youtube video I just posted, highlights of (7) Demco 650 gravity wagons I've shot selling on recent farm auctions across state of Iowa: Pete www.machinerypete.com
  10. Machinery
    Folks at Geringhoff announced yesterday plans to open a 100-employee factory in St. Cloud, MN. Here's Youtube video I just posted with more on this news....also clips of (3) nice Geringhoff corn heads I filmed selling on recent farm auctions: Pete www.machinerypete.com
  11. Tractor Talk
    Here's a short little Youtube video I just posted, footage of a 1980 IHC 3588 2+2 tractor with approx. 3,000 hours selling on an Aug. 18, 2012 farm auction in Scribner, NE: Pete www.machinerypete.com
  12. Machinery
    "HOT" sale today in Red Wing, MN. Farm retirement sale for Roger & Janis Birk. The Birks had REALLY nice stuff, low hours, very well cared for. Crops looking good in southeast MN up near Red Wing....recipe I thought for a strong sale today. Here's Youtube video I just posted of the pair of low...
  13. Tractor Talk
    I just posted a new Youtube video, highlights from Dows, IA farm retirement auction I covered today featuring (2) nice MF tractors...a 1998 MF 8160 MFWD with 2855 hours and a 1982 MF 4800 4WD bareback with 6420 hours....both sold for new record high auction sale prices. Here's the video: Pete...
  14. Machinery
    Interesting online farm machinery auction tomorrow (June 7th) in Bloomer, WI by www.hansenandyoung.com They've got a 1987 JD 4455 MFWD tractor with 3,500 hours on this sale. Here's a video preview I just posted, look at the JD 4455, Ave. Auction Prices on JD 4455's going back 10 years...plus...
  15. Tractor Talk
    Dairy farm retirement auction next Tueday (May 22nd) in west-central MN near Buffalo Lake. Couple nice tractors on this auction: * 1998 NH TS110 front-wheel assist, 1619 hours * 1993 CaseIH 7120 front-wheel assist, 3,365 hour Here's Youtube video I posted today looking at the NH TS110....also...
  16. Machinery
    Just posted a new Youtube video on Chevy C60 grain trucks. Saw a very nice 1970 C60 w/44K miles, 16' steel bed, rollover tarp, sell for $9,500 last Saturday on north-central Kansas farm auction. In the video I show a list of the nicest/highest selling C60's over past 4 years...plus end the video...
1-16 of 16 Results