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  1. Machinery
    I have a 24t baler works great. Just got done baling a field. Went to clean it out, usually I start the PTO and then manually trip it to make a bale out of the last remaining hay in the chute so I can pull it out. Without thinking I tripped it before I turned the pto on didn't think it was a...
  2. Machinery
    I have a market research question for hay producers, particularly those raising hay for horses. We have about 40 acres of alfalfa/orchard grass from which we bale about 10,000 small square bales a year for sale to people with horses (except any bad hay we round bale and feed to the cows). We...
  3. Machinery
    If you're looking at used equipment, would you travel one, two, three or many states away to purchase something? Do you generally find that equipment through online searches or some print pub? Thanks. Lynn
  4. Barns, Buildings, and Storage
    What is the standard height of a 40 x 80 half round machine shed?
  5. Machinery
    What or why not? What did you like about it or not like about it? Would you recommend it?
  6. Machinery
    I am starting a farm/ranch in Colorado and me being new to farming am wondering what equipment is needed for alfalfa? I know this is very expensive to just get started but I understand the costs. Also of the equipment needed which equipment is okay to buy used compared to new? Which pieces of...
  7. Agri-Business
    Anyone here use craigslist to get their word out about anything. Maybe Livestock Sales, Hay Sales, or like in my case, Equipment sales? I use it a lot, but it seems like lately, whenever I post or renew my ads, they keep getting flagged for removal. It's frustrating, I'm merely trying to use...
  8. Machinery
    So says Machinery Pete: http://www.progressiveforage.com/forage-production/equipment/what-s-your-tractor-worth
  9. Machinery
    What do you think? Would game cameras help protect equipment? http://www.progressivecattle.com/video/6404-video-tips-to-camouflage-a-ranch-security-camera
  10. Machinery
    Have you ever seen what goes on in the baler's belly from a grease zerk's viewpoint? Check out this video: http://bit.ly/HayEquipment
  11. Machinery
    I'd like to hear your thoughts: Relating to equipment, what are 10 things you should never buy at a farm sale?
  12. Machinery
    Hey everyone! So, little background- I'm 19, putting myself through college and working towards eventually getting a PhD in Agronomy at KSU. I grew up in town, but have helped out on my cousins' and friends' farms, and am working this summer for a crop research company doing test plots. One...
  13. Tractor Talk
    I have a friend that had a JD6310/w620 loader and 2200 hours. He wanted to trade it for a new comprable tractor. They would only give him 27000 for it on trade. He sold in on Craigslist for 35500. He asked 36900. What he found out about the new tractors was earth shattering. He bought a 2012...
  14. Machinery
    If you had a choice on which brand of equipment which one type of baler, mower, rake, and tedder could your operation not be without? for Dry hay? and wet hay? BUD
  15. The HayTalk Learning Center
    I am interested in getting into farming or having a hobby farm in addition to my full time job. The biggest appeal to me is the principle of self reliance, being industrious, and raising my boys, not to mention the lifestyle's values. my family is from Kansas but I personally have little to no...
1-15 of 15 Results