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  1. Machinery
    Our non-profit inherited a half dozen wheelline movers, that are in various states of being cannibalized. They're dual drive hydraulic. All but one need the gas engine and coupling, and the one that we've got working uses an 8hp B&S engine, which I believe is the stock engine. Given that our...
  2. Tractor Talk
    I have a 5320 Deere with a turbo charged engine. Nearly all of my work is loader type work. If I drop rpms the tractor is a dog until rpms come up. I understand turbo lag, but I'm thinking that fuel isn't really plentifull during acceleration. I wouldn't ask anybody to stray away from EPA rules...
  3. Tractor Talk
    So I have a 4240 JD, soundguard cab, quad range with a 158 loader and grapple. I was baling with it last summer, stopped to tie a bale, it made a horrible clatter and vibration all of a sudden. I shut it down instantly thinking the pto shaft or something had come apart on the baler, checked...
1-3 of 3 Results