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  1. Machinery
    Has anyone taken the rollers out of a discbine and cut grass hay without them? I have a gehl 2360 that the top roller bearings went out. I am curious if I can just take it out and keep cutting as normal.
  2. Machinery
    Need some help trying to figure out how to disassemble the overrunning clutch on a NH H7320 discbine. I studied the parts diagram. I took out the item 25 and 26 nut/bolt and the whole clutch assembly pulled off the gearbox input shaft fine. Next I pulled out the Item 7 5/16 bolts holding the...
  3. Machinery
    I need to replace my NH 1431 and am looking at a gehl 2412 or a kuhn 4000RG. I know almost nothing about either. I am hoping I can get some insight on these discbines. I have read the Kuhn has the diamond rollers that are specifically design for a discbine. Since hay can come in at any angle...
  4. Machinery
    How do you check the oil level in the cutterbar on a hesston 1340 discbine. I need to start cutting this morning, and when I opened up a plug in the tip of the gearcase, I could not find any oil in the gearcase.
  5. Machinery
    What do you guys think about a New Holland H7460 Discbine thanks
  6. Machinery
    I will be cash cropping 60 acres of alfalfa for baleage this coming summer. The question I have is, will I be able to cut all 60 acres in one day, and be able to bale it the next? I can lay the hay as wide as the discbine to dry it fast. I also have a wheel rake, will that be able to rake...
  7. Tractor Talk
    Have a small hay operation and I am interested in buying an economical tracor for a MF 1359 9 ft. discbine. The HP requirement on the MF 1359 is 60. The PTO HP on both the MF 4608 and 2635 is at 60 or a little higher. Any advise on using either of these tractor in combination with the 1359...
  8. 005

  9. Alfalfa/Hay
    Having tall crop feeding problems with a Case IH DCX161. Cuts the stalks good, but will not feed on into the steel crimper. Having a lot of recutting of the crop(grinding). Have tried speeding up and slowing down ground speed,disc speed up and down, tilting head forward and back, have paddle...
  10. Machinery
    I am new to this forum and failry new to hay production. I live in northeast Ohio and for the last 4 years I have mowed 15 - 20 acres of orchard/timothy hay using a NH 489 haybine. Needless to say the 489 has had it's share of problems, one of which includes it's uncanny ability to plug up...
  11. The HayTalk Learning Center
    I was searching for for something last night and found this .pdf file from New Holland on Disc Mowing. I saved it in a folder on my computer. If you want to save it just right click on it when you get there and it should give you the option to save it...
  12. Machinery
    I'm forsure that this topic has been posted many times before, but Im intersted in purchasing a set of rolls for my haybine. What are your thoughts / expericance with either the Circle C or the B&D Rollers? I would lile to hear the good, the bad, and the Ugly. This will be going on a John Deere...
  13. Machinery
    Well the seasons over but we found a big problem with the used Kuhn FC 243 RTG mower my wife bought back in the Spring. Let me say first that it's done a great job of mowing after replacing the hydraulic hoses, knives and getting it adjusted correctly after some trial and error. Link to first...
  14. Machinery
    A mechanic told me i could turn up the fuel pump on my bi-directional. right now its at 122hp. i was wondering if anyone knows or has experience with running these with discbines. could i get enough hp out of it to run 2 14' heads without it being way under powered? if i could cut at 8 mph i...
  15. Alfalfa/Hay
    This Is off a 30 acre patch: 20 acre patch: Should do around 3 bales an acre. I will let yall know how they yield.
1-15 of 15 Results