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  1. Machinery
    So I recently bought a used JD 275 disc cutter. My question is putting on new blades and rotating old ones. The new blades I got from JD have a cutter on both sides, so when I rotate the blade do I flip it over or does it move to a turtle going in the oppisite direction. Looks like the cutting...
  2. Machinery
    Does anyone have any insight in a Case IH MDX91 disc mower? I am looking at one but want to get some reviews. It's 9 ft.
  3. Machinery
    I have a Kuhn 700 disc cutter that is getting pretty old but it is still cutting very well. I have one concern, however: the knives. When I install new knives, I torque the nuts to 88 foot lb as specified in the manual. I noticed that even when I use new bolts for the knives (after evert five...
1-3 of 3 Results