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  1. Tractor Talk
    Howdy haytalkers! My wife and I are about to close on an 80 acre farm which is half field and half forest. Western Mass, New England. I need a tractor. I need it to do it all, but don’t want an overkill nor something weak that if I spent $10k more I’d be happier. My entire family is from Ukraine...
  2. Tractor Talk
    My tractor sometimes cranks right up and other times it acts like fuel starved. You know like you ran out of diesel and filled the tank and didn't prime.
  3. Machinery
    Long story but I have a slightly left bent tube on my John Deere 752 Tedder. It seems to be causing more problems that what I thought it wood. Trying to find out who made them for John Deere. I know my 700 rake was made by Vermeer. Deer no longer has that tedder part. This will be my winter project.
  4. Machinery
    I have a '98 John Deere with a bale watch monitor. All it does is show bale shape and beeps when bale is getting to size. Can I swap it for a baletrak monitor that kind of looks like it but has the lights as well? Does the baletrak auto tie? Because that would be nice as right now I have to...
  5. Tractor Talk
    I recently upgraded from a Deere cab 2555 with a Koyker loader to a 6420 cab 2 wheel drive with a Deere 620 loader. My question, is anyone using double round bale forks on the front of these loaders with a two wheel drive tractor this size? I realize I'd need a couple of bales on the back for...
  6. Machinery
    Not ever investigating 16 x 18 bales, I purchased a really really nice New Holland 282 baler a couple years ago It was a great prices so I couldn't pass it up. I really like the baler because I has monster capacity over my New Holland 273 which makes a 14 x 18 bale. I am posting today just...
  7. Machinery
    Mowing mostly grass hay (1500 acres) and maybe 100 acres of Johnson grass and grazer what would be your choice for conditioner and why, the V10 rollers, tri lobe, or flails. Long story short a buddy of mine has 3 machines for sale all 07' 4995 deeres with around 1000hrs each on the heads. I will...
  8. Machinery
    Not a bad time to buy deere but I really like Case equipment. The following is new from the Machinefinder blog According to the John Deere Company annual financial report, the retail and industry value of John Deere farm equipment saw continued increases in 2012. The John Deere new and used...
  9. Machinery
    Im looking for my first tractor, just bought enough land/cattle to justify the purchase. I found what looks to be a decent deal on a JD 2355 with cab and 175 loader. My concern is if it will load and unload 5x5 and 5x6 round bales. I would be moving less than 150 bales per year. Is this tractor...
1-9 of 9 Results