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  1. Custom Harvesting
    I am looking for someone who will do either large squares (3') or 4x4 rounds as well as some small squares. 80+ acres.
  2. Custom Harvesting
    Hey All So here's another new guy looking for some advice. Been lurking around the forum here for a couple of months, and there seems to be some pretty knowledgeable guys here, so I'd like to bounce some stuff off y'all and see what you think. First a little background I had a small 18 hp...
  3. Custom Harvesting
    I have a lady that is 50 miles from my front door that wants me to bale 90 acres of CRP grass for her. It is very dry, fair to poor quality grass as we are in NW Kansas severe drought area. It has not been cut for several years and I have no idea what kind of holes and ravines are out there...
1-3 of 3 Results