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  1. Alfalfa/Hay
    Hello everybody, I wanted to open this thread to be able to follow the alfalfa prices, although I live in Spain I think knowing the trends will help us. In these weeks (with covid-19) we have dropped from € 166 / ton to € 163 / t last week and € 160 / ton yesterday. Last year it was at €...
  2. Alfalfa/Hay
    Hey guys, I just was looking for some of your opinions on what a metric tonne of high quality timothy and alfalfa should go for for a high end racehorse barn in the U.S.. Looking for a lot of hay for a bigger operation barn to import by the ton and just want to know what a ton of hay goes for...
  3. Weed and Pest Management
    Not sure if you can ask this on here? Has anyone found a low cost place to buy Prowl H2O? The cheapest I have found was $37 per gallon plus freight. Which makes it about $45 a gallon. Any help?
  4. Custom Harvesting
    Hey just curious, what does it cost everyone to roll up a bale? Hay? Cornstalks? now what do you charge per bale?
  5. Alfalfa/Hay
    looking for peoples knowledge on moco's and preference Here in Queensland Ausralia I'm [email protected] paying around $22000 used newholland haybine up to 10 year old or can get new for around $36000 [10 foot cut] krone disc moco new $36000 [9ft cut] but has a roll pin system as shear pins to save...
  6. Machinery
    Where to start. I want to grow hay. I am a realtor and my wife is a RN. We would continue to work for our main income. A loose plan for business is to continue working our jobs and put all hay profits back into the hay business. I envision paid of land, nice paid off equipment, and a large barn...
  7. Alfalfa/Hay
    Greenhorn here back form more :) I have a guy that asked me if I would like to cut his hay... Historically I'm sure he hasn't gotten much of anything for whatever was cut and he wants to keep locals cutting. He called and claims a gentlemen from 45 miles away is willing to pay him 85 a bale he...
1-7 of 7 Results