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  1. Machinery
    I'm looking at buying a new mower conditioner for grass hay. I've got a NH 1431 rubber on rubber as well as a JD 946 impeller. Looking to go to a "one tractor" unit. Either a self propelled disk swather (16') or a the type of mower that mounts to front and rear 3 point hitch to make a 30' cut...
  2. Machinery
    Greetings! Last hay season I had a lot of trouble with my IH1590 swather/mower clogging up during cutting. Hay is 70/30 OG/Alfalfa and very tall again this year. I am working on the 1590 trying to figure out if it's possible to operate it with the rollers separated in order to let the hay just...
  3. Machinery
    What do you guys think about a New Holland H7460 Discbine thanks
  4. The HayTalk Learning Center
    I was searching for for something last night and found this .pdf file from New Holland on Disc Mowing. I saved it in a folder on my computer. If you want to save it just right click on it when you get there and it should give you the option to save it...
1-4 of 4 Results