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  1. Tractor Talk
    Got an issue with the old 885. Tractor runs great and everything works fine for the first hour/hour and a half or so. After that when everything is hot the steering starts getting real hard and the remotes start acting sluggish. Runs that way until I let it cool down. Note: This is only...
  2. Tractor Talk
    Hey guys, Ive gotten myself into a 4X4 844, for a good price the only issue is it wont go into high range.. any one have any experience working with these? good units? thanks for any help
  3. Machinery
    Good day, Recently inherited the Case RBX 561 baler without an owners manual and I am trying to slack the belt tension off in order to swap some belts out. Does anyone have a solution? Tried the following already: 1) Raising the tailgate all the way up and locking it out and then reducing...
  4. Machinery
    Bought a used case ih 8435 silage special round baler, was wondering if anyone has one that could help us find parts? Seems no one has any? Also does this baler have a Heston or new holland baler that parts can interchange with?
  5. Machinery
    Guys/gals, Any of you ever pull the plunger out of a Hesston 4755 or Case IH 8575? What's all involved (plunger rollers, crank connecting arms, etc), and where should I foresee the biggest headaches to be? Our mechanic at Hoober (Denny Engle, awesome guy) recommended pulling it out of the...
  6. Tractor Talk
    To start with, I'm new to the forum and secondly I'm not a farmer. That alone may exempt me from the forum! :mellow: I do own a ranch in south Texas which requires the use of a tractor for a lot of shredding, minor dirt work, and moving large feeders and other heavy objects from time to time...
  7. Machinery
    So was recently in the market for an upgrade to a net round baler. Found one in good condition at a local dealer a 1999 RS561, went to buy it and found out that the monitor was missing and no one can come up with it... Would really like to purchase the baler, but cant seem to find a monitor for...
  8. Machinery
    I will be cash cropping 60 acres of alfalfa for baleage this coming summer. The question I have is, will I be able to cut all 60 acres in one day, and be able to bale it the next? I can lay the hay as wide as the discbine to dry it fast. I also have a wheel rake, will that be able to rake...
  9. Machinery
    I recently purchased a Case IH DCX101 which is a 10ft discbine made by New Holland. My question is should I convert the turtle hubs over to the Shock Pro hubs that New Holland makes? Is it worth it? I have seen some on eBay for $42 per hub, while from New Holland they are $125 each. Is there a...
  10. Machinery
    Not ever investigating 16 x 18 bales, I purchased a really really nice New Holland 282 baler a couple years ago It was a great prices so I couldn't pass it up. I really like the baler because I has monster capacity over my New Holland 273 which makes a 14 x 18 bale. I am posting today just...
  11. Machinery
    What round bale size?What round bale size does everyone bale with 4 by 52438.71% 4 by 6812.90%5 by 546.45%5 by 61930.65%4 by 4711.29%
1-11 of 11 Results