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  1. Machinery
    We have baled hundreds of bales with this Baler, but for the last two days it seems the belts keep flipping. Initially it was one, and we had a new end put on it. Yesterday they flipped three times. We have more hay this year than we have ever seen before - (probably more than double what we...
  2. Machinery
    I have a 605J baler the belts will not tighten. The belts all have been cut to 43'6" but should be 44". I put air in the bags up to 100lbs(gauge is off but 15 bs). It moves the rods but not much. I remove the arm end with the springs. They were froze. Any suggestion on how to fix the...
  3. Machinery
    I am looking for the fastest way to get the tensioning rolls out and replace the bearing.
  4. Machinery
    I just acquired a 8450 round baler which is the same as a Hesston 550. I got the belts relaced and in the process noticed something with the guides on the front lower belt roller (see photo). There's 2 guides on this roller. One of them is welded to the roller. The second spins free and there's...
  5. Machinery
    Replacement baler belts , oem or what supplyer
  6. Machinery
    NH Roll-Belt 560 with premium laced belt option...as best I can tell the belts have exceeded my expectations from a durability perspective, but the lace shot craps in one belt and when I went to replace that belt I found the new belt was 4-5" longer than the other belts! I've asked around a...
  7. Machinery
    Has anybody here bought replacement belts fron Ag Belting Outlet? Need new set for my JD 535, only do around 500 bales a year. I am a noob so would appreciate any and all help. Also any difference in quality etc between 1 ply and 3 ply? Thanks in advance!
1-7 of 7 Results