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  1. Barns, Buildings, and Storage
    Had a fall project dumped in my lap thanks to mother nature. A wind storm came thru and tore up an old hay shed. Built a 40'x60' with 16' walls as a replacement. Covered the North and West side walls of the shed. Estimating I can store up to 2,000 bales using my grapple and pallets on the...
  2. Barns, Buildings, and Storage
    Hi...i managed to get 60 35-40' long utility poles from our local electric coop...i have several options on how to use them...fence posts, uprights for a pole barn, etc....then i got to thinking that why couldn't i build a "log cabin type" barn using them? building a traditional "cabin" using...
  3. Alfalfa/Hay
    Hello everyone. We are thinking about building a 40'x80'x16' pole building for hay storage. We're planning on having a couple sets of sliding doors and a ridge vent. If anyone has a similar sized building to this, what is an estimated number of small squares you can fit? Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results