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  1. Alfalfa/Hay
    New to the situation - I am looking for help in figuring out a fair agreement between landowner and "hay buyer" before first cutting this year - both parties are related. The land is approximately 6 acres of mostly alfalfa with a bit of grass mixed in.This acreage has been producing an average...
  2. Machinery
    hello HayTalk community, my father and i are wondering on which bale wrapper to choose. We will be wrapping our own hay but also wrapping for others like a custom operation. Wondering what some of you guys charge and if any of you have a wrapper possibly for sale. We are really interested in an...
  3. Alfalfa/Hay
    We bought a new property that has about 12 acres planted in hay. New to Oklahoma, never dealt with hay. Where can we find someone who wants to cut/bale/buy this hay? It's a relatively small field, the few people we've talked to don't want to bother coming out. Any help or suggestions would be...
  4. Alfalfa/Hay
    Looks like we will start the season here in North Texas. Got much to do because nothing has been done since Jan.
  5. Alfalfa/Hay
    We are considering doing some custom baling for some neighbors in the Southern Michigan/Northern Indiana area. We are curious what others are paying to the owner of the field to either rent the field and we take the proceeds or charging for the cutting, tedding, raking and baling and additional...
  6. Machinery
    Hey everbody, I am looking at getting into cutting hay this year and have a few questions about the balers. I have been around hay operations my whole life, but never actually baled any. Ive found a good deal on a John Deere 430 baler and was wondering what to look at on on the baler that...
  7. Custom Harvesting
    We are looking for someone to manage 90 acres of coastal in Central Texas. We purchased the property about 1.5 years ago and it has been neglected and will need some TLC to get it back to good condition and good quality hay. We would like someone to manage the whole project in exchange for a...
  8. Alfalfa/Hay
    Does anyone charge differently for baling haylage vs dry bales? And if so what are you charging per 4x5 bale, dry and haylage?
  9. Making Hay while the sun shines

    Making hay while the sun shines - so true!
  10. Making some rounds.

    In between making our Mini hay bales and our Small Square bales we do get in a few Round bales.
  11. Market Talk
    Hi all. Looking for advice from people who have bought or sold corn stalks out west. The market this year seems to be saturated with a lot of straw. What would you be willing to pay/sell per ton of stalks this year? We sell large squares, and will be putting up around 2,000 ton. I was told $70 a...
  12. Machinery
    Have you ever seen what goes on in the baler's belly from a grease zerk's viewpoint? Check out this video: http://bit.ly/HayEquipment
  13. Alfalfa/Hay
    What size round bales do you make?What size bales are you making?4'x4'611.32%4'x5'2445.28%4'6'23.77%5'x5'815.09%5'x4'11.89%5'x6'916.98%Something different. (please post and tell us!)35.66%
  14. Alfalfa/Hay
    Has anyone here ever baled hemp straw before? This was my first go at it, it was combined last fall, just clipped the heads off. I baled 300 acres of it yesterday. The straw was swathed the other day with a 35' MacDon swather. I went in and baled it with my 568 Deere. Interesting crop for...
  15. Machinery
    I'm wondering if anyone has installed the bale ski in a small square baler and how well it worked for them.
  16. The HayTalk Learning Center
    We are borrowing our local farmer's JD hay rake, which is very old and is wheel driven windrower. The other neighbor just cut our hay which is VERY tall and quite mature (our hay beine couldn't even get through it). We could not get our outside double row of hay dry. It seems the more we...
  17. Alfalfa/Hay
    My folks have ten acres of nice hay in central VA (near Monticello) which they are trying to keep in land use for tax purposes. They had someone who took care of this for them but they passed away. I'm trying to find someone in that area that might be willing to hay the field and take the hay...
1-18 of 18 Results