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  1. Market Talk
    Anyone seeing sluggish hay sales, particularly in the small squares market? We are located in west central Illinois and comparing with last year at this time, our sales are down 70%. Our main market is small squares and most of our customers are horsey folk. We should have had a few semi loads...
  2. Machinery
    I have a Farmhand Bale Accumulator and every time I bale, it doesn't shove the 2 bales over in time for the next set of bales to line up, which is causing the succeeding bales to turn sideways and mess the order all up. Any help on this spacing/timing issue would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  3. First cutting alfalfa 5-15-17

    First cutting of alfalfa small squares 5-15-17. This is a 12 acre field. Only 80 acres or so left for first cutting of alfalfa--weather permitting.
  4. Machinery
    Are you tired of rained on hay? Do you need to get your forage out of the sun or out of the bad weather earlier? Are your sunny windows just too short to produce the quality hay you would like to produce and which the market requires? Do you need TOP quality dry hay because you are a hay grower...
  5. Alfalfa/Hay
    New Video! AgriCompact Technologies GmbH: Company Presentation We are looking forward to setting up YOUR hay bale drying project! Have a good Hay!:-) Sabine Zastrow Your AgriCompact haydryers Team AgriCompact Technologies GmbH we deliver hay bale drying solutions.always.also in north...
  6. Market Talk
    Anyone notice a shortage of hay, particularly alfalfa, in the Midwest? We have alfalfa and alfalfa-grass mix hay. We have been moving the mixed hay but very little of the alfalfa up until about a couple of weeks ago and then all of a sudden we're getting calls for alfalfa. Our area didn't get...
  7. Machinery
    I have a case square baler SB541. I am having trouble getting my bales to come out 3' even. Can anyone give me any suggestions? I've got the win-rose correct, but that's not it. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there something I could adjust?
  8. Making Square bales

    The romantic sound of the baler is heard during hay seasons for days - lovingly making these bales for the horses that devour it!
  9. Time to stack 'em!

    Best to have them stacked and covered before any moisture hits them...we make sure this is a quick process and have great success keeping them dry!
  10. Some hay at the stacks

    Just some of our Small Squares put up at the stack for pickup.
  11. Custom Harvesting
    Ok got my uncle wanting some corn stalk round bales put up this year. I know Purdue says custom rates are about $12 a bale. That seem right? And I havn't seen what guys are charging for bales yet? Does $35-45 a bale sound right, for this year in my drought area? He wants to do it on the halves...
1-11 of 11 Results